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Introduction to the course 

Objective  of the course



The history of the Jewish people goes back to the time of Abraham and for thousands of years the story continues, but shortly after the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem in the year 70 AD, new changes arose that would begin to modify the past.

Without a temple to offer sacrifices and along with the growing movement of Jesus' followers there was a growing challenge, so Judaism had to reinvent itself.
Both Rabbinic Judaism and Christianity have their roots in Second Temple Judaism, they evolved together, to some extent even defining themselves by their differences.

By the middle ages, they had become two completely separate groups that seemed to have nothing in common.
A fascinating story, but also sad.
Over time, almost all of the connection between Judaism and Christianity was lost, and only in relatively recent years has there been an understanding of the commonalities and the importance of understanding each group in its original context.

During this course we will focus on the Jewish roots of Jesus, instead of viewing Jesus and Judaism through the lens of post-modern history, we will study them both in their original historical context.

This Course consists of 8 classes of 60 minutes each, the classes are on video recorded with audiovisual material.

- You can have de study material in PDF mode or animated keynote so you can download it.

- Twice a month a class is activated via Zoom for live questions and answers with the teacher of this course.

- The classes are recorded so that the student can watch them unlimitedly and in his available time.

- Each student will receive a certificate of participation for each course.

- The student will recognize and will evaluate historical events.

- Theological beliefs that have caused controversy between Christians and Jews.
- The student will appreciate the promises and faithfulness of God despite the sin of humanity.

Class 1 - Learning to define who are Jews according to the Bible.

Class 2 - Understand the Hebrew calendar.

Clase 3 - Rabbinic Judaism versus Biblical Judaism.

Class 4 - The New Testament is or is Anti-Jewish. 

Class 5 - Israel in the timeline. 

Lecture 6 - Evolution of Judaism. 

Class 7 - The 4 most influential currents of Judaism.

Class 8 - Modern Israel VS Ancient Israel.

No prerequisites required, everyone is welcome!

But yes, it is important to have a desire to learn.

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Titles of classes:




Course Structure


Clase 1: El Jesús Histórico

Clase 1: El Jesús Histórico

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