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At Israel Adora, we know that there are many ways to bless Israel, but we believe that the best way to bless Israel is through Yeshua = Jesus 

Israel Adora began under a vision that God gave us in 2015 about raising worship altars in the land of the Bible, God had asked us to raise fragrance in worship since for more than 2,000 years worship did not exist in the land of Israel as used to be done in biblical times. 

The first time we held a worship event, more than 80 pastors from different nations of the world gathered in Israel with more than 450 Spanish-speaking people, it was the first time that the most recognized psalmists of the Hispanic world met in Israel Among them were Miel San Marcos, Julissa, Ingrid Rosario, Coalo Zamorano, Funky, Daniel Calveti, Jacobo Ramos, Jaz Jacob, Josué del Cid, and many psalmists, many more... 


That event was remarkable as we saw the hand of God move in a special way in all the ministries represented and each nation that was present in Jerusalem brought a special blessing from Israel. Since then Israel Adora has been held every year and for 10 days Israel is toured with leaders and psalmists from all over the globe.

Today Israel Adora is more than an annual event since God encouraged us to carry out different activities and we are carrying out projects to be able to be a blessing from Israel to the nations of the earth.

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Israel Adora is part of the ministry group Voices of Israel Ministries.




1- We help train and create experts on Israel issues, we have a high-quality educational training department, among them archaeologists, historians, guides and pastors from different congregations throughout Israel came together to create The Land Academy, a platform that offers courses created in the land of the Bible whose objective is to equip the international church to be able to give it tools on Israel issues. 


2- We create travel experiences, we have a department of Tours to Israel where we help pastors and leaders of the nations to coordinate trips through The Land Tours, the only Spanish-speaking Christian company based in Israel, we also have 4 annual trips to Israel for worship, education, leadership and exploration.   


3- We carry out Conventions in Israel with the aim of connecting the global Church with Israel.


4- Through Voices of Israel, a variety of social aid projects are carried out, assistance to terror victims, aid to holocaust survivors, assistance to single mothers and several other projects..  

We invite you to join the Israel Adora family and together we will be a blessing to the nation chosen by God. 

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