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Introduction to the course 

Objective  of the course



For just over 200 years, critical scholars have been saying that there is a vast difference between the historical Jesus and the "Christ of Faith."

This has led to all sorts of new approaches trying to discover what Jesus really said and did.

Theories have come and gone as scholars of each new generation have tried to explain the portrait of Jesus found in the New Testament.

Recent scholarship has focused both on the Jewish background to Jesus' life and on ancient methods of documenting history.

In this course we will focus on the historical Jesus of the New Testament and the historical and cultural context in which Jesus lived.

This Course consists of 8 classes of 60 minutes each, the classes are on video recorded with audiovisual material.

- You can have de study material in PDF mode or animated keynote so you can download it.

- Twice a month a class is activated via Zoom for live questions and answers with the teacher of this course.

- The classes are recorded so that the student can watch them unlimitedly and in his available time.

- Each student will receive a certificate of participation for each course.

- In this course the student receives 4 free books. 

-Understand the culture, the thought of the time of the second temple.

-Check the authenticity of Jesus through history.

-Understanding the Jewish background of the gospels.

-Compare sects through archeology and geography.

-Understand the birth dates of Jesus.

-Compare the historical Jesus and identify him in the person of the Jesus Messiah.

Class 1 - Overview and Origins

Class 2 - Historical context

Class 3 - Your date of birth

Class 4 - His teaching

Class 5 - Your identity

Class 6 - His miracles

Class 7 - Your Name 

Lecture 8 - The Dead Sea Scrolls and Jesus

No prerequisites required, everyone is welcome!

But yes, it is important to have a desire to learn.

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Titles of classes:

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Course Structure


Clase 1: El Jesús Histórico

Clase 1: El Jesús Histórico

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