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Introduction to the course 

Objective  of the course


The Jewish people had a period between the book of Malachi and Matthew known as the period of silence, this time the Jewish people could not hear the voice, this generated in the people some confusion and a certain loss of unity , many Jews converted to foreign gods and many others adopted an altered way of the old testament generating changes in the acts, practices and ways of worshiping God. Many of these customs are still present to this day and many of them have entered the Christian church in a very subliminal way, generating certain differences and divisions to this day.

This course will explain and study about the feasts of the Bible, which are for Israel, which are for the Jewish people and which are for the Christian church.


Today there is much confusion and it is necessary to make an order in a biblical way. This course will help you and bring you peace of mind about what to celebrate and what not to celebrate.

This Course consists of 4 classes of 60 minutes each, the classes are video recorded with audiovisual material.

- You can have de study material in PDF mode or animated keynote so you can download it.

- Twice a month a class is activated via Zoom for live questions and answers with the teacher of this course.

- The classes are recorded so that the student can watch them unlimitedly and in his available time.

- Each student will receive a certificate of participation for each course.

- The student will learn to discern about the festivals and their identity. 

- What should be applied in your life and the life of your community.
- Understand about each and every biblical, cultural, and national holiday in Israel. 

Class 1 - Understanding the meaning of the holidays.

Class 2 - What benefit does each party bring and when was it necessary? 

Clase 3 - Biblical festivals, as applied.

Class 4 - Cultural holidays and national holidays. 

Class 5 - What should I do now? 

Class 6 - Which party should I celebrate and which not? 

Class 7 - All messianics must celebrate festivities?

Class 8 - Understanding the summary of things.

No prerequisites required, everyone is welcome!

But yes, it is important to have a desire to learn.

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Titles of classes:

Course Structure

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Clase 1: El Jesús Histórico

Clase 1: El Jesús Histórico

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